Our Story

The death of her mother put a passion in the heart of founding board member, Jill Horner, to provide free resources of healing and hope for those suffering loss. With God’s help, connections were made with a hospice nurse and several teachers, and their shared vision became a reality on February 24, 2009 with the opening of Heart of the Cumberland Grief Center.


Heart of the Cumberland is a grief and loss center providing peer support groups and practical assistance to promote hope and healing. Heart of the Cumberland has two divisions: Anchored in Hope (Christ-Centered) and Journey of Hope (non-religious, school and government). The peer support groups are designed to address issues of “grief” and other “loss” (such as divorce, foster care placement, living with grandparents, abuse, deportation, deployment, incarceration, etc.) for ages 5+. Our groups help you identify and share your feelings, help you learn to talk about the changes in your family, and help you process the feelings associated with those changes in a safe environment. Meanwhile, your peer group will help you establish new friendships with people who know how you feel and promotes empathy and mentorship to others in grief. The core of groups centers around a Heart Message™. The Heart Message is an empowering statement to help participants remember the healthy ways they are learning to express their feelings. At the end of the program, it is our hope that participants will have learned that they can heal from a loss and know they have a bright future ahead of them!

Peer Support Groups

Anchored in Hope groups meet on Tuesday night at 6:00 pm and Thursday morning at 10:00 am. Call (931) 525-2600 or register online. Closed groups. Meet for 11 weeks for one hour. Must be registered to attend. Free. Confidentiality encouraged.

Journey of Hope groups may be held in schools, government locations, non-profits, organizations, or businesses. Call (931) 525-2600 to schedule a peer support group. Some fees may apply.

  • Anchored in Hope

    Participants meet with others who have experienced a similar loss. Each week, grief tools and scriptures help with the healing process. Although the emotions, the length they last and the ways they need to be expressed are unique to each person, there is hope for everyone who participates.

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  • Navigating this maze of emotions

    Teen years can be challenging. Compound that with a loss, and teens can lash out or make poor choices. With the right tools, teens can identify emotions and learn to express them appropriately. Talking to peers helps teens realize they are not alone; and when they feel safe sharing, the healing begins.

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  • Exploring My Feelings

    Children use art to express their emotions and feelings that are often difficult to express through words. Children go on an exploration of exciting adventures to overcome difficult emotions. The arts are not only fun, but help a child to truly express their feelings through the discovery of art.

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Watch some of our volunteers and participants talk about their own Heart of the Cumberland experiences.

Sparky Testimonial
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School participant

Ways to Give

Heart of the Cumberland is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

  • Is God leading you to Volunteer?

    Call 931-525-2600 if you would like to facilitate peer support groups, provide office support, or help with events, fund-raising and grant-writing. Each volunteer must fill out an application and go through an extensive background check.

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  • We Depend on your support.

    Heart of the Cumberland provides services at no charge. Help us by giving funds, including us in your estate-planning or donating items. Click Donate NOW; send money to PO Box 2474, Cookeville, TN 38502; or call 931-525-2600 for more information.

  • Contribute to our successes.

    Sponsor one of our many events, programs or projects. By covering some or all of the expenses, you help us to continue our mission. Call 931-525-2600 to become an underwriter and in exchange receive free promotion and positive public sentiments.

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What’s new?

Mark your calendars for coming meetings and events. All grief support groups meet at Building G at 304 Short Street unless otherwise noted. Participants must be registered prior to groups beginning. Be sure to subscribe to our Heart of the Cumberland email updates.

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Map of directions to Heart of the Cumberland

Office Location
377 Short St. Suite A • Cookeville, TN 38501
Group Location
Stevens Street Baptist Church, Bldg. G 304 Short St. • Cookeville, TN 38501
P.O. Box 2474 • Cookeville, TN 38502

Our Staff and Board Members

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Ian Robson
Board Chair
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Board Member
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Center Program Manager
Kassandra Newman
Board Secretary
Jill Horner
Board Member
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Board Treasurer